“You gotta fight for your right to Party”

Knock out the detail. This is where you make a list of all the services and different suppliers you are going to need.  Be creative, why not enlist the help of your friends who no doubt have a variety of talents, they will probably be chuffed to be asked and you will have a more personal feel to your wedding day. 

The Food– Decide on the style of food before you start looking at suppliers, whether it be pie and peas or picnic baskets, or you will waste lots of time with companies who do all sorts of fancy food that won’t suit your event.  If you wish to have a three course silver service dinner, ask yourself does this fit with my mission statement?

The Furniture– nowhere is it written in the bible that ‘thou must always be seated formally at round tables’.  For some ‘naming no names’, deviation from this wedding norm is tantamount to social suicide.  If met with silent scowls and raised eyebrows, it’s time to take them back to the mission statement and be clear about what you want, be it a mish-mash of hired in trestles, tree stumps, food on laps, and borrowed furniture, it will undoubtedly work wonderfully with your scheme.

Photo acknowledgement – Coralie Monnet

Guest Numbers  You will need to decide upon a criteria for inviting your guests so you don’t end up with everybody and next door’s dog, unless you are very fond of next doors dog.  I heard recently of a wedding where the bridesmaids were dogs, I’m not being derogatory, they were actual dogs with tails, and ones that kept cocking a leg during the ceremony.  Remember more guests equals more cost generally, so unless you have an endless budget you may have to be quite ruthless in drawing up your guest list.

Get on with your life Having made your plans and made some key decisions, carry on with living your life.  The more time you spend planning in minute detail the more you will have to become anxious about.  

Remember it’s a big party and you need to enjoy every moment of it, the planning andthe partying.  If you get locked into to endless detail, there is an increased chance you may start to find the whole thing tiresome after fifteen months of seating plan arrangements.  

If you come back to it a few months before the date you will feel refreshed and excited once more.

In the run up to the date, you will be making last minute arrangements and phone calls.  Some tasks will have to be left to the last week so make sure you delegate as many of these to friends and family as you can, you don’t want to end up exhausted on your wedding day (don’t give too much to the MOTB she needs her beauty sleep too!).  

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By Sarah Powell-Barker