“You gotta fight for your right to Party”

Just hold that Beastie Boy thought, and remember it every time someone raises an objection to your latest set of wild and alternative wedding plans.  Yes it’s different, and may be even outlandish.  You’re throwing tradition out of the window, you want knitted flowers instead of fresh, hay bale seating, welly throwing and other energetic activities and fancy dress to top it all, but hey its your day so don’t forget that fact.
Posh Frocks and Wellies is all about unusual and alternative weddings and we do everything in our power to support you and help you get the wedding you deserve.

So here are just a few pointers to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams

Name it and claim it  Write a brief mission statement which sums up the feel you want for your wedding.  Don’t go into too much detail, just some key phrases that describe the ethos, the environment, the ambience and the desired outcome.  Once you have this important statement you can share it with parents, family and those whose may wish to exert influence over the wedding.  If everybody knows your desired outcome in the early days and agrees to its guiding principles, this will prove a very helpful tool and reference point if things start to meander or be pushed off course later on.

example–  We want our wedding to be a woodland party which will be an intimate gathering of family and friends with an emphasis on informality.  Starting with a ceremony in the forest, under canopies suspended from the trees.  Followed by an evening campfire and simple locally sourced street food and a sing-song with musician friends bringing their instruments along.  Everybody to have a lovely time and remember their special day in the woods.

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By Sarah Powell-Barker