Waste Knot, Want Knot

With an increasing awareness of global warming permeating through modern society, be it via world leaders in denial or inspirational youngsters such as Ryan Hickman, the importance of our environment is a hot topic. Throughout industry, companies small and large are making changes to reduce waste and energy in turn decreasing their carbon footprint and this trend has not gone unnoticed within the wedding and events sector. An increasing number of eco-friendly venues are popping up across the country with an emphasis on green living and sustainability. But what of marquees???

Here at Posh Frocks & Wellies the environment has been at the forefront of our consciousness, since day one. From using predominately natural canvas to make our tents to limiting vehicle usage across our fleet we have always made steps to help the natural world. After all without a beautiful surrounding we would have nowhere to pitch our beautiful marquees.


A marquee wedding is already a great option for those taking an eco-friendly approach to the big day. Managed correctly a tent can last for years meaning it’s effectively a recycled venue, however with each event some waste is inevitable. Over the years we have found the most difficult waste to overcome has been produced from marquee flooring.


We opted long ago for reusable Dandydura matting instead of the more commonly available carpets but have pondered on what measures we can take to limit the damp proof membrane used to protect the marquee from rising water. Plastic sheets such as Visqueen can take 1000’s of years to decompose and even after a good clean would only last one season. So after much research and experimenting Posh Frocks & Wellies have finally found the answer.


Purchased early this year and put into practice for the first time this season we are proud to be an early adopter of biodegradable plastics as a shield for rising damp. Adapted from materials used in the agricultural industry this single wound 50mu sheet provided a thick barrier beneath our matting and can be disposed of after each use safe in the knowledge that after 6 years it will be reduced to nothing.

This now means that after each event our waste is reduced to a single bin bag of non-recyclables. Just another step to making the world a better place for all our beautiful newlyweds.

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By Sarah Powell-Barker