How to plan a marquee wedding

Choosing Your Venue

There are many different types of venue for marquees and it will be important that it fits in with the feel of your event and your budget. Your own land or friend’s field will be good options for keeping the pennies down. However it is possible to get good value venues that don’t need to cost the earth. We have a comprehensive list of venues around the North West of England and Wales that will help you find the right venue from fields to period houses.


Choosing Your Suppliers

Catering – Once you have your marquee or tent booked, the next important decision is choosing what food you will be having. You will no doubt want the food to fit in with your theme and feel of the day. Catering options can vary hugely from Picnic baskets to full-blown silver service. You can choose whatever you want, but you will need to set a realistic budget, as it can often be the most expensive thing on your list to organize. Some people involve the family and opt to do their own catering although this obviously is quite labour intensive and may add to your stress on the day. A lovely idea is to ask specific guests to bring cakes to a ‘Bake Off’ table, this can provide you will lovely home cooked desserts and saves you a little in your budget. Always try before you buy when choosing your caterers, go to a tasting session and where possible use personal recommendations.


Quirky cheesecake


Music – You can hire in music systems that you just plug in your device and have your own favourite music all night. If you want to have a live band make sure you have heard a demo at very least and book these very early in the planning process as good musicians get booked up quickly. The larger the band the more they are likely to cost you.


Generator and Toilet Hire – Some venues have these installed, others you will need to source your own. We are able to provide luxury toilet hire and recommend the right generator and supplier for your event.

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By Sarah Powell-Barker