How to plan a marquee wedding

Choosing your marquee

There are now many different types of temporary structures on offer for weddings, including traditional marquees , tipis, yurts, clearspan marquees and stretch tents. Posh Frocks & Wellies have chosen to offer both traditional canvas marquees and stretch tents as we believe the aesthetic of these tents is second to none. Traditional tents lend themselves perfectly to weddings with their light and airy feel, spacious design and are great in all weathers. The stretch tent offers a modern sophisticated style with great versatility in layout and looks wonderful when lit up at night, it can have the sides up or pulled down. We are pleased to advise you on the best marquee or your event.


Sunny Weather Tent

Furnishing the marquee

We offer a wide range of furniture including rustic wooden tables and benches, dance floors, bars and informal furniture – in fact more options than you can shake a stick at.


Decorating Your Marquee

Traditionally marquees had limited options to offer in with regards to interior decoration, because they concentrated on building the structure and generally utilised florists to add colour and texture to the interior. Posh Frocks & Wellies have embraced the challenge of designing their own decorative options for the interior such as rustic planks with hanging light Edison bulbs, vintage ladders, lace drapes, foliage pole decoration and oodles of hand-made bunting.


Bohemian Styling at its best

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By Sarah Powell-Barker