How to plan a marquee wedding

A marquee wedding is a wonderful option that has so many great advantages. It gives you freedom to make choices that you just don’t get with a wedding venue or hotel, and the chance to make the whole day that much more personal. However, couples starting out on this journey might well find the prospect daunting. Where do you begin with so much to organise and little or no experience? Fear not, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to help you get going and to guide you through a process that need not be overwhelming.


Alternative outdoor wedding


First Things First

Decide on your wedding concept. Are you wanting a formal or very relaxed day? Do you want to have a theme to your event? Who are the important people you would like to be involved with helping with some of the tasks. Once you are clear about what you want for the day you are ready to move forward.


Fire pit at marquee wedding


What do I need: A large notebook (or spreadsheet or other software solution) to jot down and keep track of your ideas, stick in pictures and fabric samples, make all important lists and keep a diary/calendar to organise appointments.


Set the Date

It’s worth having a few dates to be flexible around so that when you try to book the Church/ Registry office / Venue and marquee you have some room to manoeuver. Now here’s the thing, do you book the marquee or the church first? I’d say it depends which one is in most demand, so it’s worth asking what the availability is like for both before deciding hard and fast on a date. Provide a keep-the-date to your guests ASAP so that long distance travelers can make early plans. Start planning about one year in advance of your preferred date to ensure you get the best choice of dates / venues.

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By Sarah Powell-Barker