Victorian Style Marquee

Victorian marquee
Victorian Style Marquee | Posh Frocks and Wellies Tent
Tent Size
Site Area Required

Seating Capacity

The victorian style marquee is round ended, the numbers of tables and people varies depending on the size and location of a Dance Floor.

Available sizes include:

30′ X 30′ (9m X 9m)
30′ X 45′ (9m X 13.5m)
30′ X 50′ (9m X 15m) – Plan shown to the left
30′ X 60′ (9m X 18m)
30′ X 65′ (9m X 19.5m)
30′ X 80′ (9m X 24m) – Shown in the photo above

By Sarah Powell-Barker