Helpful Ideas for Floral Decorations in your Marquee

Whichever route you choose, there is scope for a very beautiful interior enhanced with an abundance of greenery and flowers. Here are some suggestions for utilizing the marquee interior for your floral arrangements:

  • King pole decorations: these can include fresh greenery or flower garlands wrapped around the king poles, or we can add brackets to the king poles so you can have hanging baskets of flowers and foliage spilling over the side
  • Flower or foliage rings can be suspended from the king poles – ask your florist if they can make you these bespoke decorations. We can attach wires to the ring to suspend it from our king poles.
  • We can fix a wire from king pole to king pole from which you can suspend foliage, flower stems and a variety of decorations such as paper lanterns, pom-poms, glass baubles with tea lights, woolen pom-poms, origami decorations, the list is endless.
  • Our suspended rustic plank can be loaded with fresh flowers and foliage from which colour and greenery spill over the edge. Similarly our vintage wooden ladders lend themselves perfectly to flowers and foliage decoration too. We also add Edison bulb lighting to these and have macramé hanging pots which can be filled.
  • Wall pole decoration – The entrance into your marquee can be an attractive focal point by adding floral decorations to the wall poles. This can classic and simple using ivy garlands or rose garlands twisted around the poles using either fresh or silk roses.
  • Table Centre Pieces – this is traditionally the main focus for florists within the marquee. There are lots of options and a consultation with your chosen florist will help you achieve the look you want from simple jam jars with cottage garden flowers or elaborate arrangements suiting a chosen theme.

If you are looking to hire a florist we are very happy to recommend Jo Fletcher of Fletcher & Foley based in Sale, she has a wealth of experience in providing flowers for weddings and has incredible flair for design.


Alternatively Alice from Delamere Flower Farm , grows her own flowers and sells them by the bucket or also offers to make bouquets, hand-tied bunches for jugs and buttonholes and much more.

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By Sarah Powell-Barker