Helpful Ideas for Floral Decorations in your Marquee

Our marquee interiors are like a playground for florists with so many opportunities to use the internal structure to create an enchanting space. It just takes a spark of imagination, more than a little sprinkling of knowledge around the care for plants and a handful of determination to make it come together. We work with extremely talented florists who share a vision for transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful space using wonderful combinations of colour and texture and sourcing British grown flowers from local suppliers and their own from allotments and gardens.


Hand picked flowers for naturally beautiful


Opting to DIY


With the help of friends and family it is possible to source your own flowers and do the arrangements yourselves including bouquets and buttonholes etc. However it is a big undertaking and is something that has to be done only a day or two before the wedding, which can add an element of unwelcome stress.

You will need to set aside a whole day for making the floral arrangements as it is time consuming, not kind to hands and unexpectedly back breaking. In the days leading to a wedding there are always last minute things to do such as picking up dresses, meeting family, last minute church rehearsals etc., and losing a day to floral arrangements may put you under extra pressure. So enlisting the help of some trusted friends or family and someone with a creative eye who is happy to be the guiding force, you can create simple and beautiful arrangements.

It’s worth finding out which flowers will last well and have somewhere cool to store the flowers until they are ready to go in the marquee. You will need to buy some basic floristry equipment to help you with the process.


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By Sarah Powell-Barker