Festival Marquees

Did you know that Posh Frocks and Wellies already provide traditional canvas marquees and a all types other tents to several festivals.

Our evocative canvas tents and marquees provide a warm and boho atmosphere, which is exactly what the festivalgoers love.

Early August each year we look forward to going to Rode Park in South Cheshire to provide most of the marquees for the Just-So festival (from 2012 to date). This family friendly festival is oriented towards imaginative story telling and made up worlds, with a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials. This is where our marquees come in, as a white canvas marquee for the dance classes and several army marquees for the lantern making. Our round-ended Victorian style marquee also features, often as the Old Curiosity Shop. With numerous other smaller marquees, we are proud to help the Just so Festival with making lots of young persons and their parents very happy!


9 round marquee interior

9m round Curiosity Shop marquee at Just So

At the beginning of each September we are keenly aware of the impending Hawarden based Good Life festival. Since its inception in 2014, we have much enjoyed helping this food, outdoors activity, and music based festival with providing marquees for their various making, talking and showing activities. A growing festival since their start, in 2017 we provided over 30 marquees for the festival. The outdoors feeling fits in well with our canvas marquees, with the 108’ long army marquee being the longest we know of.

Army marquee

108′ Long Army marquee

We have also provided marquees to many other festivals albeit in lower numbers including, the Liverpool Food Festival, The Barnaby Festival, Carfest North, Foodies etc.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us here

Night lit tents

Night time marquees at GLE




By Sarah Powell-Barker