Exciting times at Posh Frocks and Wellies

We folk at Posh Frocks and Wellies are getting very excited about the new decorative lighting we have designed and made ourselves, making our offering completely unique.

After rummaging around local reclamation yards for interesting bits and pieces, we have sourced and lovingly restored some beautiful old wooden decorating ladders and rustic wooden planks to create structures from which to hang mixed foliage, macramé baskets and Edison bulbs. The effect is spectacular, and we are really excited to get these lovely evocative lighting creations into our marquees.


Edisons with lampshades


There will also be the option for customers to add their own decorations and flowers to these rustic boards and ladders to complement their chosen colour scheme. The only limitation is your own imagination – so go wild…


Rustic decorated plank


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By Sarah Powell-Barker