Why Choose a Posh Frocks and Wellies Marquee

More reasons to choose Posh Frocks & Wellies


1. The floor space is fully usable as the walls are vertical and a sensible height

2. They are light and airy as the canvas allows light to flood in and with our panoramic windows fitted you can make the most of beautiful views out

3. The canvas and linings are breathable, so the marquee remains cool on hot summer days and on dewy days the canvas allows moisture to escape, rather than dripping into the tent which has been known to happen in PVC structures (some “canvas” marquees are actually textured PVC which isn’t as breathable as our polycotton canvas)

4. They are rated for 50 mph winds; experience has shown they can stand a lot more if the ground anchors are secure

5. Our marquees are very versatile, we can create openings at any point in the tent to make the most of accessing everything at your chosen site. We can put the power supply wherever you need it to run your party as you wish. The whole interior can be designed around your requirements

6. You can manage the marquee yourselves with a little advice from us we will show you how to take off walls to open up the tent on glorious days. You can hang your own decorations to create your personalised space

7. We can supply almost everything you need for your event from a wide choice of furnishings, dance floors, contemporary lighting installations etc to the plushest set of luxury loos

8. We promise to do our best to deliver the most beautiful marquee we know, to tick all your boxes, and leave you feeling perfectly delighted and totally satisfied with our service



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By Sarah Powell-Barker