About Us

We are a family run business based in Cheshire fronted by husband and wife team Steve and Sarah and ably supported by our experienced staff. With our love for all things canvas we have built up a stock of wonderful canvas marquees for every occasion.

We are proud to source our marquees here in Britain manufactured by Barkers Marquees in a time-honoured tradition by highly skilled crafts people.

We are passionate about protecting the environment and so we recycle materials wherever possible and buy sustainable products. We do not use carpets in our interiors as these are used once only and then go the landfill sites, instead we prefer to use washable matting, it’s more labour intensive but we feel it’s worth it. We also use compostable membrane as a damp proof layer under our matting. We utilise the services of trusted local suppliers wherever possible for all our services to save fuel consumption and to support local businesses.

Our creative team have come up with wonderful lighting and decoration ideas over the years and we continue to be inspired by the weird and wonderful, driving us forward to come up with new and interesting ideas for our interiors and outdoor areas.

We have fallen in love with stretch tents, which are very much in the forefront of tent technology. Their tensile fabric means the tent can be configured in many different ways allowing greater adaptability around the surroundings. Their curvy interior looks wonderful under lighting and we just can’t help but be excited and want to tell folk about them.

We provide marquees to the film and TV industry through our partner company – Classic Canvas, offering over twenty five types of tent from single person up to and including our 12m span marquees. Our marquees have been in many films and TV programmes including Howard’s End, Outlander, Peaky Blinders, Call the Midwife, Philomena and many more. If you see a tent on the tele or in a film, it’s probably ours.

By Sarah Powell-Barker